Inspired by Energetix – A Practitioner’s Tale

Inspired by Energetix – A Practitioner’s Tale

Jan 30, 2009

Sue Pash | The Therapy Network

I was introduced to Energetix by a colleague, and on meeting Damian Etherington of the Energetix UK division, was inspired by the ethos and commitment of the company, and the quality of their products.

In an age of self-medication with supplements, it is refreshing that Energetix does not sell direct to the public, recognising that even excellent products need to be used in the right way to be effective, and that the practitioner using the skills at their disposal is the one best placed to guide a client/patient through the process. Support for UK practitioners is excellent, and I have made the most of not only training in the products themselves, but the extensive opportunities in terms of support here in the UK, together with the ongoing series of online seminars (“webinars”) which I can access either as they happen, or listen to at a more convenient time when Energetix publishes them on their practitioner dedicated website. There is a wealth of information from practicing naturopaths, and other disciplines in the field of Bioresonance and subtle energy, together with resources to support practice management, and expanding the vision of my practice.

I have no hesitation in recommending both the Energetix company, and the UK support offered by Damian Etherington, to anyone looking at the benefits to their practice of integrating the Energetix line of products.

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