Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy, A Growing Trend towards Synergy

Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy, A Growing Trend towards Synergy

Mar 19, 2009

A feature article in this month’s Townsend Letter spoke of the trend towards “Uniting Two Forms of Energetic Medicine“. The timing of this article mirrors what we are seeing in practices all over the country.  What a Acupuncturist calls ‘Qi’ and what a Homeopath might call ‘Vital Force’ are one and the same and so with a strong theoretical platform and shared healing principles, a Chinese Medicine practitioner can leverage their healing potential by combining these two unique modalities.

Energetix makes it easy to maximize that synergy by providing both complex, condition specific homeopathy and Spagyrically processed Chinese and Western herbal formulations DESIGNED with synergy in mind and backs it up with professional education and ongoing support.

A good example of this synergy reported by a number of my Acupuncture clients is seen in working with infertility. The Energetix remedy Hypothalmapath, a homeopathic sarcode remedy for upper endocrine support has been coined ‘The Fertility Elixir’ and is seen to be synergistic with Acupuncture itself, but also various herbals including Restore Qi (Chinese spleen formula) and Core Ginkgo Blend, as well as CoQ10.

by James Maskell


  1. Brad Baetz /

    Chinese Medicine has been around for thousands of years – let’s build on what is known to work with the ever increasing unknown toxic burdens our bodies are faced with daily! Chinese Medicine & Homeopathy go hand in hand – my DOM clients tell me you need both!
    There are so many tools to choose from…which ones will we embrace and learn to use effectively??!!

  2. rolandoboye /

    Great article! Kind of like East meets West…

    I think you make a good point because homeopathy is all about using dilutions to elicit a response from the body, to activate the body’s innate intelligence. Botanical medicine acts nutritionally and photochemically on the body to enhance its own function. This is a great marriage of two worlds and encourage all practitioners to work with it.

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