2011 BioEnergetic Methodologies

2011 BioEnergetic Methodologies

Mar 9, 2011

Two-Day Event Coming to Denver, Atlanta and San Francisco

The BioEnergetic Methodologies Course offers practitioners a foundation in BioEnergetic Medicine that is immediately valuable in clinical application. It is designed to assist the practitioner in the skills of developing individualized healing strategies, utilizing the body’s inherent wisdom and design. Included in the curriculum are considerations of Effective Remedy Combining, Homeopathy, and Homotoxicology.

Topics Include:

•   What do you do when protocols fail?

•   Customizing healing strategies

•   How to increase patient compliance

•   Homeopathy – principles in practice

•   Increase your ability to effectively combine nutrition, herbs, and homeopathy

•   How Energetix can complement your natural pharmacy

Phyllis Greco Bucci ND, PA wrote,

“What I learned at the BioEnergetic Methodologies was priceless. I have never left a class where I was unable to put the manual down. The instruction, the charts, the flow of the class was totally amazing. The ease at creating individualized programs for my patients has increased 100% and the Energetix products turbo charge any program I offer to my patients. Thank you for what you provide! I will take this class again and bring my entire staff.”

Register (Denver/Atlanta) or Register (San Francisco) or call Energetix at 800.990.7085 for more information.

Limited Seating is available.

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