Queen of the Meadow – Clearing Kidney Pathways

Queen of the Meadow – Clearing Kidney Pathways

Apr 27, 2011

The urinary system is one of the main excretory and detoxification pathways, which work alongside the liver, bowels, lungs, lymph, and skin to help the body maintain homeostasis and a clean environment. Primarily concerned with filtering out excess fluid and toxic load, other aspects of its function include regulating the concentration of various electrolytes in the body fluids and maintaining normal pH of the blood. The kidneys are necessary for maintaining homeostasis for optimal cell metabolism. If the urinary system becomes compromised or congested by toxic stressors, it becomes difficult for the body to maintain balance and vitality.

Core Queen of the Meadow Blend contains a well-researched blend of botanicals traditionally used to soothe, decongest, and tonify the urinary system pathway, from the kidneys to the bladder. One of the main ingredients, Queen of the Meadow, is a well-known diuretic herb used by herbalist to treat urinary infections and to loosen, dissolve, and eliminate gravel-like sediment in the kidney pathways. This blend also contains Corn Silk, which is also used as a powerful diuretic and has shown to help reduce inflammation of the bladder. Bearberry and Marshmallow have also been included because of their known astringent and antiseptic effects on the membranes of the urinary system. Lastly, Cleavers and Celery Seed have shown to be excellent tonics to help strengthen and fortify the urinary system.

Core Queen of the Meadow Blend is uniquely formulated with spagyrically processed herbs used for centuries in the treatment of many bladder and kidney disorders including inflammation of the urinary tract, chronic irritation, cystitis, urethritis, urinary calculus, and lack of tone of the urinary system.


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