Integrating Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy

Integrating Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy

Jun 27, 2011

One Remarkable Practitioner’s Approach

Iris Chen, AP, MD, PhD, is a remarkable example of one who has been able, through her training and experience, to integrate seemingly diverse disciplines in her own practice. She has a fascinating view of the body, incorporating an understanding of the bio-chemical process of conventional medicine, the energetic elements of homeopathy, and the balance of energy and terrain known in Chinese medicine.

Join us for this informative and inspiring webinar!

Highlights include:

  • The surprising similarities between Homeopathy and Chinese Medicine
  • Bridging the gap between Homeopathy and Chinese Medicine
  • Keys to incorporating Homeopathy into a Modern Practice
  • Insights into Dr. Chen’s approach to five common conditions

Dr. Chen, a licensed Acupuncture Physician, practices Chinese Medicine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Born in China, Dr. Chen grew up in a hospital where her mother worked as an obstetrician & gynecologist. Those early years of exposure to illness and suffering touched her so deeply that she committed herself to healing, and particularly to the prevention of illness. Dr. Chen earned her M.D. at Medical school of Beijing University, in Beijing, China, and her Ph.D. in molecular biology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. While most of her classmates practice Western Medicine in the United States, Dr. Chen decided to focus on Chinese Medicine, using her Western Medicine training to enhance her understanding of illness and ability to care for her patients.

If you’d like to submit questions in advance to Dr. Chen for the webinar, please send them to During the webinar, you will also be able to ask questions that will be addressed, as time permits, during the Q&A section at the end.

Sign up now for this free, live 30-minute webinar with guest speaker Dr. Iris Chen on Wednesday, July 20,2011, 2 PM – 2:30 PM EST.

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