Cranial BioResonance: A New Window into the Autonomic Nervous System

Cranial BioResonance: A New Window into the Autonomic Nervous System

Oct 5, 2011

This weekend marked a first in the Energetix education calendar, breaking new ground in the field of cranial bioresonance. The class was built on the principle that, at our most elemental, human beings are made up of energetic frequencies. Over the centuries, different cultures have given this energy different names, such a qi, prana, innate force and vital force, and have developed ways to measure and manipulate this energy.

In 2007, Todd Stelik, an occupational therapist and advanced cranio-sacral practitioner from Rhode Island, became interested in finding ways to get more information from the body to uncover the causes of patient’s energetic blockages. Through a lot of pioneering work and aided by the Energetix College of BioEnergetic Medicine, Todd developed his technique to measure patients response to certain treatment options through changes or ‘stops’ in the patient’s cranial rhythms. In 2011, Todd debuted his technique, “Cranial Assessment of BioResonance” (CAB) at the 2011 BioEnergetic College in Newark, NJ.

During the one-day course held in Brooklyn this past weekend, Todd outlined the steps to tune into the body’s natural cranial rhythms and use biofeedback from the autonomic nervous system to gather information. This information can then be used to put together individualized bioenergetic protocols to support manual therapy. A diverse crowd of advanced cranial practitioners, from naturopaths to holistic dentists, were extremely excited by the information presented and by the potential of adding it to their own individual techniques.

One innovative new addition to the technique was a quick and easy way to reduce the symptoms of allergies through energetic desensitization. Through a series of case studies and hands on teaching, all the practitioners left with practical new skills. This part of the day was met with huge enthusiasm and genuine excitement about its potential to add significant value to each therapist’s practice.

Todd will be teaching practitioners in CAB at the 2012 Energetix College in Newark, NJ and we look forward to supporting this salient health innovation.

by James Maskell

James Maskell
James Maskell

James Maskell is CEO of Revive NYC, a Brooklyn-based digital media, practice development, and branding company that helps doctors and holistic practitioners bring their message to life.

James has been involved in holistic medicine almost since birth, whether he liked it or not. First as a pediatric patient, then as an economist specializing in the health and food industries in the UK before moving to America in 2005.

Since then, James has been instrumental in the development of many remarkable businesses; not only Energetix, but also other healthcare stakeholders spanning integrative medical practices, spa, pediatrics, retail, coaching and digital media.

Since 2009, James, as CEO of Revive NYC, has become a sought after speaker, writer and teacher in fields as diverse as digital media, practice development, marketing, sales and business systems.

As well as being the practice development columnist for, James teaches at University of Bridgeport and various other integrative medicine conferences around the country.

To learn more about James visit him at and connect with him on Facebook or Linked In.


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