Northeast Evening Events Pick Up Steam

Northeast Evening Events Pick Up Steam

Feb 2, 2012

In 2012, Energetix has rolled out a series of practitioner “meet up groups” across the northeast in order to meet the needs of our growing family of practitioners.  In the last week, groups have formed in Maryland, Long Island, New Jersey and the Hudson Valley, with further events in Brooklyn and Virginia Beach this week.

The goal of these groups is to provide a local forum for physicians and practitioners to meet and discuss best practices in various fields of holistic, functional and bioenergetic medicine. Thus far, it seems they have been valuable not only for information sharing, but also as a way for practitioners to have connection with likeminded individuals, as holistic clinical practice can be somewhat isolating.

L-R Dona Garofano ND, Sue Ann Garwood L.Ac, Judith Gisser, CNC, Glen Gero ND and Kenneth Fischer DVM.

Pictures from the NJ event, hosted at “Growing with the Seasons”, a holistic center in Boonton, NJ.

The topic for this first round of events has been ‘bioenergetic allergy elimination’. With allergy season fast approaching it proved a popular topic, with many doctors reporting quick, effective and low cost results with natural methods of allergy elimination. With our health care system in crisis, and 50 million Americans suffering with allergies every year, this makes it a potentially explosive area of growth for alternative medicine.

Hot soups, cheese, crackers and jams were on the menu in New Jersey

Allergies are also the 6th leading cause of chronic disease in America, although if you take into account low grade allergies that present as inflammation, the numbers are likely much higher. For those practitioners interested in taking their learning on this subject to the next level, Dr Venus Seleme will be presenting in a one day class in Northern Virginia on February 11th.


Several of the groups have already set up another event, with the Northern NJ event offering a panel on innovative solutions for Lyme Disease on Feb 23th. In Virginia Beach, the topic will be “Cellular Detoxification”. For a full list of events, please view our event calendar!

If you would like to host an evening event in your clinic for local practitioners, please get in contact with your local representative.

James Maskell

James Maskell

James Maskell has been involved in holistic medicine almost since birth, whether he liked it or not. His first chiropractic adjustment was at 15 minutes old, and he consistently responded well to homeopathy during his childhood.

At the University of Nottingham, James studied Economics with a focus on the food and healthcare industries before following a ‘rebellious’ career path in investment banking and markets which proved short lived. His time in banking showed him that world focus on short-termism across all industries, but particularly healthcare and food were costing society in the long run. America has outspent any other nation in health care and yet has been slipping further and further down the world rankings in key health indicators. So, in 2005, James moved to America to help to shift the health paradigm of the country to incorporate true primary care . . . nutrition, exercise, prevention and holistic therapies.

For 18 months, James was instrumental in the running and growth of The Spa on Green Street, a holistic day spa in Gainesville, GA that seeks to be a model for the integration of spa and holistic medicine. As well as excellence in combining therapies for optimal health outcomes, the Spa on Green Street also set a precedent for excellence in personnel management, systems, marketing and modern retail design.

With these skills embedded, James moved to the Northeast in 2007 to help practitioners grow and develop their holistic practices through a partnership with Energetix, a Bio-Energetic remedy and education company based in Georgia. Having helped hundreds of practitioners look at ways to develop strong, sustainable healing practices, James and his wife Rachel started Revive in 2010 to help patients find these gifted and dedicated practitioners.

James Maskell is an Account Representative for Energetix and CEO of Revive, Inc. To find out more about James, visit his website at:, like him on Facebook or connect via Linkd In.

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