Accessing Medical Referrals

Accessing Medical Referrals

May 22, 2012

Often I think we underestimate the value we can provide, as naturally oriented practitioners, to the medical community as a whole.  Our unique methods, our non-invasive, non-suppressive alternatives to both acute and chronic conditions, our systemic approach to conditions often viewed in a fragmented way…these are just a few of the vitally important elements we bring to the healing arena.  For us, perhaps these things become so familiar that we fail to recognize what they could mean to other medical providers.  But if we think in broader terms, we may recognize that these elements can be a welcome revelation for many seeking better, or more complete, care for their patients.

Referrals are the heart of any vibrantly successful practice.  Patient referrals, of course, are critical, and every practice can point happily to certain patient advocates who keep the channels humming.  Less common, however, is the phenomenon of referrals from the established medical community to less ‘mainstream’ clinics.  Here is potentially a constant river of referral, assuming that the medical doctors involved can see the value in what is provided through not-so-mainstream clinical facilities.

I received an article the other day from a long-time Energetix client and a brilliant holistic practitioner, Anna Manayan.  Her clinic is always bustling and her expertise is sought not just by her patients but also by a widening range of medical practitioners who recognize that what her clinic offers can’t be duplicated through their work.  The article appears in the current issue of “Women of Silicon Valley” and I share it here as an inspiration to many who could easily activate these kinds of referral conduits. What Anna has done could be done by many of you!

Anna Manayan Magazine Feature WSVL

Grant Clarke | Energetix

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