Super Nutrition for Babies

Super Nutrition for Babies

Jun 20, 2012

For over a decade, I have worked in a field where I have had numerous and daily conversations with many doctors who have worked tirelessly to help children recover from a variety of chronic conditions such as autism, ADD/ADHD, auto immune disorders, allergies, obesity and diabetes. From what I have heard, there are many layers of underlying causes here, yet many say the most significant solution for treating these conditions is diet.

As a new mother, my own sleepless nights resulted more from my concern to provide the best nutrition for my daughter than from the typical night feedings and diaper changes. A new book written by Dr. Kathy Erlich, Super Nutrition for Babies, rescued me. It offers solid, sound nutritional guidelines that make sense, such as the importance of protein for a growing baby and how certain nutrients are lost when the food is heavily processed. This easy to read reference book has wonderful recipes, healthy alternatives for a nutrient-dense diet, and up-to-date research to ensure optimal nutrition for our children.

I would recommend this book to any doctor or parent who is concerned to provide a solid nutritional foundation for children.

Anyone (patients, parents, practitioners, etc.) is welcome to register for Dr. Erlich’s Super Nutrition for Babies Webinar on July 17 at 7 pm EDT.

To register, follow this link.

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